The Apocalypse Now Reading – Jan. 26

24 Jan

Come receive revelation this Thursday, Jan. 26, at the Green Bar. Show starts at 7:00 p.m.

Our line-up:

Dara Ewing is from Pittsburgh, PA – one of National Geographic’s Top 20 Places to Visit IN THE WORLD in 2012. She did her undergraduate degree at Penn State, which stakes claim to both Best Party School (2009) and Least Ethical Sports and Administration (2011). She is now pursuing her MFA in prose writing at the University of Alabama, where she has borne witness to an astounding two BCS championships.  She believes that these extreme accolades/embarrassments inform her writing in myriad ways. Before moving down South, she wrote for the London music newspaper, The Stool Pigeon and held jobs which provided health insurance. One of her prose poems appears in the summer issue of flashquake.

Michael Martone was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, attending the public schools there.  Graduating from Butler University in 1977, Martone has butled, in one form or another, his entire career with his domestic service beginning in the employ of the Eli Lilly family as a footman and then commencing to the rank of steward at the governor’s dacha on Geist Reservoir.  Martone served as batman for the brevet lieutenant-colonel in command of the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foot (The Black Watch) in the Falkland’s War, and currently is the Majordomo at the Carol Lombard House in Fort Wayne.

Jason McCall is the author of Silver (Main Street Rag). He is from the great state of Alabama, where he currently teaches English and Literature at the University of Alabama. He holds a MFA from the University of Miami, and his poetry has been featured in Cimarron Review, The Los Angeles Review, Mythic Delirium, New Letters, and other journals.

Brian D. Morrison is an Instructor of English at the University of Alabama. His work has appeared in Copper Nickel, Cave Wall, Margie, and others.


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