April 4 – The April 4 Reading

2 Apr

Another week, another Pure Products event on a peculiar night.

This week, come out (as usual) to the Green Bar at 7:00 p.m. on (unusually) Wednesday night.

Here’s our line-up:

Matt Bell is the author of Cataclysm Baby, a novella, and How They Were Found, a collection of fiction. He works as an editor at Dzanc Books, where he also runs the literary magazine The Collagist.

Tyler Gobble is lead editor of Stoked Journal and a contributor with Vouched Books. He wrote some chapbooks (most recently Goodness is a Fine Thing to Chase, included in The Fullness of Everything anthology with Newgent and Oliu from Tiny Hardcore Press), and he might write more! Sometimes he is stoked and sometimes he feels rowdy. Maybe even both! More at www.tylergobble.com.

Marsha McSpadden lives in Tuscaloosa where she writes wee work about the dark arts of the heart.

Ashley McWaters’ work has appeared in DIAGRAM, Painted Bride Quarterly, Hunger Mountain, Northwest Review, Spinning Jenny, and Caketrain, among others. Her book of poetry, Whitework,  was published in fall 2009 by Fairy Tale Review Press. She teaches at the University of Alabama, where she coordinates the undergraduate creative writing program.

Despite his reputation, Christopher Newgent probably does not want to fight you. He’d probably rather sell you a book from his Vouched Books table. But maybe he’d want to fight you. Say something about his mother or his wife or his cats. See what happens.

Guest-hosted by Luke Southworth and Brian Oliu, who will also read a short selection from his new chapbook “Level End” from Origami Zoo Press.



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